Tuesday, 13 May 2008


I am a HUGE lover of wallpaper. I always say it, but I wish I was able to have more big walls in my house, that I could wallpaper with fabulous, bold, personal splashes of wallcovering.

My favourite is my hall. I will at one point, after my camera is fixed, get some photos of my hall taken.

This is the beautiful wallpaper i have had for a while in my hallway. Next to it, I have a solid oak console table, with a crystal lamp stand and a black 'strung' lamp shade.

Lots of people comment on the wallpaper, so I thought it might be nice to share my secret place for wallpaper.

Its a brilliant shop. They have a beautiful floral selection. When it comes to florals though I personally prefer Cole & Sons. Some of my favourites:

(All images were taken from the Cole&son website © 2004 to 2007 Cole & Son (Wallpapers) Ltd. All Rights Reserved. )

Another of my favourite sources of wallpaper is:

I really adore this one especially...

I think it's the stripes that I like best,the stripes on the chair look so tactile and soft and the lucious mirror. (Which reminds me of Miranda's mirror, when she has the Interior designer in to redecorate her home on Sex And The City)

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diana @ please sir said...

Great wallpaper resources!