Sunday, 4 May 2008

A few of my favourite things .......

H is for home.

In my first ever blog i wrote that i loved enamel items, and it's true. I adore them. The cake tin on my left is from:

It is exactly the same print as my great grandmother had. But I am sure it was a sugar tin, alot smaller.

Its like stepping back to the 40's and 50's, but with the internet. An array of beautiful items which can be sent direct to your door.

If my home was not alrady filled with enamel goodies I would be ordering hundreds of pounds worth. Although- if anyone wants to send me anything, feel free.[ Im joking.]


Re-froundobjects is one of my favourite sites, i'm not sure how i found it, but i know its one of those little websites, you will book mark and always go back to. I love all of theirproducts, especially the ones I have pictured here. is where they came from.


Hen and Hammock

The pictures above are all made from recylced materials. I saw people making those bowls when i was on holiday in South Africa from sardine and mackeral packaging. They are just BEAUTIFUL! I also desperatly want the plants pots, great for herbs in the kitchen.

From :


I live best in a colourful home, i like to bring the out doors in, and the indoors out. I don't like to think as my house as one thing and the garden as another. I like to bring the two together.

I think it is sinful when you are driving along and see all these gardens with no thought, no ideas, no plants, sometimes no grass-just gravel! I really detest a boring street where all houses are the same, nobody has even pots of plants, let alone grass.

Another favourite internet haunt of mine, is Flower Farm, a fabulous place for all Bulbs!

Whilst eating my marmalade on toast this morning, i ventured on to their website, and ended up filling my 'basket' with £359 , somehow i think that would need to be a large basket! But i decided it was probably best to wit until October when it's my birthday and order them then as bulbs are best planted in Autumn.


H is for Home said...

Thanks for the mention! Have you seen our recent blog about enamel at ?

Robson & Mason Haberdashery said...

Gosh that was quick.

I will have a gander at your blog after brunch. I'm turning into an Internet-aholic.