Friday, 9 May 2008

Betty and Jeff

I've always liked the names; Betty and Jeff. I have even more reason to do so now, because here at Robson and Mason, we LOVE Betty & Jeff.

Betty & Jeff isn't an ordinary little quirky online boutique. It's the real creme of the crop, Harris tweeds, Clare Nicholson cushions for lazy days, beautiful rings, the list is endless.

I adore tweed, and Harris tweed is my favourite. I love ALL of the bags above, I am definatly going to put one of them ( probably the first, or last bag)at the very top of my Christmas List this year. Harris tweed is a lucious,tactile, soft but hard wearing fabric that i have loved since the age of 15.

I want them desperatly, if I am lucky enough to get one, I know it'd be a lifelong purchase like most of the things on their site, not a season-long fad or impulse buy. But a lifetime - loved item you will treaure forever.

If i am lucky in my quest for a Betty & Jeff Harris tweed bag, I will post you some picstures.
You can find them at:


Lor said...

You are right, those Harris Tweed bags are just lovely....

May have to put one on my Christmas list too!

well.illbedarned said...

thanks very much for your comment, and for signing up for my pay it forward exchange, how very exciting!
if you could email me your address, ( that'd be marvellous, and as soon as i've got your gift ready, ill send it out to you :o)
i love your blog by the way, you find such lovely things! great work! although you're making me want to rush off and spend all my money... which isnt so good!

and you dont need to send me anything in return silly! (although im never one to turn down a gift!)
but yes,
thanks very much again.


ooooh, ps, you asked for some details about The Alphabet Series. If you have a look at theres lots of info there, and details of how you can buy a copy too, but let me know if you want to find out any more!
glad you like it :o)