Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Haberdashery Book Worm

I thought that it might be nice to show you some of the books that live on my many coffee tables, console tables and bed side tables.When I need inspiring, I go to Amazon and buy books.

First is my current favourite. Jane Brocket's The Gentle Art Of Domesticity, it is a whimsical, creative, mouth watering, taste tantalising book. The pictures that I took today are just a few of my favourites, but there is hardly a page turned, without bold, bright and brilliant photos.

Not only does she write about Haberdashers, she writes about cooking, baking, flowers, paintings, films, travel, knitting, crochet, the list is endless.


Another of my favourites is Cath Kidsons, In Print , I have also taken a few photo's from my favourite pages. Although Cath Kidstons shop is now too available for my liking, too commonplace , I do like her books. A friend of mine who is a fabric print Designer, recently met her. She said that she was a lovely lady.


In the photos below, she has the same Pom-Pom fringing as Robson and Mason has. I have also been scouting through her old catalogues, and in the Autumn 2005 she has the same pom pom fringing. Luckily ours is still available priced at £1.49 per metre.


Bend the rules of sewing has been on my coffee table for a while. It seems to be a nice book, if you have time on a Sunday afternoon to read, decide what you might like to make, and go and make it. It's patterns are quick, simple, easy and lovely. I think that Etsy readers would like it especially. The photos are nice and bright, and make feel inspired to go and create something wonderful.

GF Smith's Paper samples book is a book that lives on our main coffee table, it's full of bright colours, metallics, textures, and weights. Its a great 'book' for if you are a Graphic Designer, like my wonderful Ross. As is Radical Graphics. The covers cannot be missed.

Even though I am a older and wiser person, than I was when I was enjoyed reading children's books, I Still adore them. My favourite children's author has to be Dick Bruna. The creator of Miffy. However- I have a few other favourite books, and The Big Book of Love, I had this given to me a few years back on my Birthday from my parents. My mother said she knew I'd love it, and I do.

The pages are all raises, embossed and some even fuzzy with flocking, especially on his ears. It is a WONDERFUL book for parents-to-be, children, babies, birthdays, Valentines and a gift to yourself, from yourself.

It is the most enchanting book I have come across in a while, that explains love, and better still it's inexpensive!


When discussing children's books, I must mention Rod Campbell. He is a genius! But, I plan to write a whole other blog on him.


Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

What a lovely blog. So beautiful and colourful. Will add a link from mine under inspirations. Thanks for sharing all these lovely books. Aileen.

SallyF said...

oh I think you are so right, we are living in identical bubbles... think I'm going to have to buy that domesticity book for me and everyone else I know, thanks for the tip off.

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