Wednesday, 30 April 2008

When the letter box bangs.

One of my favourite moments of the day is when the post man has been and you hear the metal 'clink' together for a split second.

I always rush to the post box to see what's there, as a avid subscriber to magazines, I was happy to see my new issue of Selvedge magazine had arrived this morning, ( ) and when i gingerly peeled back the plastic mailer bag I found that I had been sent a gift.

A Saltwater make up case infact.
This issue was extremely uplifting and thought inspiring as it was packed with colour, [reminded me of an Innocent smoothie] texture and depth from within those well designed pages.
We are only on Issue 22 and I feel like it'd been her as long as Vogue.

One of the articles was on Julie Arkell's Paper doll- Home made House.

She is a delightful lady with a wicked sense for design. I spent most of the morning peering at the photo's of her home, and the thousands of little things that kept indivually jumping out at me.

They look like they are having a fab time don't they?

I particially like the way they look like they are side-stepping up the stair case!

As a Haberdasher myself, i simply adore this photograph of Julie's sewing thread collection. All the silky threads, glossy in the light.
What i found extremely interesting is that, you can book a class for a day to go and study with her. It costs very little, concidering what you would gain from the experience. Something i have mentally added to my wish list of things to go and do 2009.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Bead me up scotty.

No, i am not a sci-fi maniac that beads while watching the TV.

I just adore beads though, beads on bags from Accessorize, beads on my necklace, beads on embroidered book jacket, beads on my alice band, beads and buttons on my jacket corsage, and beads on my mind. I can't stop thinking about beads today and how when my bathroom is tiled this weekend, that i want to push them between the grout and make it look like a huge patchwork tiled quilt.

The first time i came across heavily beaded things , sequins and bugle beads was Emilio Pucci, a man i adore. I think i was about 11 or 12 at the time, and i remember flicking through my Grandmothers Vogue magazine, which consisted of about 20 pages or so. Not like todays.

Above is a dress from the Pucci new collection, utterly sequin heaven!

Its not just the beading each print is unique, you can’t mistake a Pucci print. Since the late-1940s, when Italian skier (he used to go skiing every year and decided to start making printed ski suits) and he was an utter socialite, Marchese Emilio Pucci casually tried his hand at design, this label has been synonymous with bold, brightly colored graphic patterns with a kaleidoscopic, slightly psychedelic feel. Totally head ache inspiring and causing as I stare at them for hours.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Made with love.

Ric rac has always been a favourite of mine, in my first ever flat i made a kitchen blind with ric rac sewn on it in stripes, kind of like a rainbow or a candy striped dress hanging at the window.

Ric Rac....

I recently came across someone else fond of ric rac. I totally adore this smooth zig zag curvy trimming, in bright colours or metallics. My favourite has to be lime green and purple i think. Although, i'm not really sure why.

I am extremely desperate for the jungle print skirt, i know it would be my favourite skirt ever!!

If i get chance to buy one, i will take a thousand photo's of me wearing it, and put them on here for you all to look at.

The apple print one has to be a close second favourite, i adore the bold print and fabulous cut of the skirt, a classic.

The above picture is another favourite, picked from the vast choice on offer. It is a 'Ribbon print' skirt which is extremely folke-y and like a kitch tapestry you can wear.

If you're wondering where these devine handmade pretties come from they are from:

Enjoy and get shopping!


We are proud supporters of the fabulous Manchester Craft Mafia and today we got our first review from them.

Below is the lovely logo they have for entering their site.

"As part of our lovely membership deal, we’re working with some fabulous suppliers to come up with tempting discounts for crafting supplies and services. Our newest supporter is the gorgeous Robson & Mason, online haberdasher extraordinaire. Be warned their store is a veritable sweet shop for stitchers, makers and magpies alike.
Lucky for you (and us) they’re offering members an extra 10% off their already low prices. If you can’t wait for membership and your discount, head on over for a quick haberdashery fix. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…"

What a delightful review!


Thursday, 24 April 2008

Are you unique?

Most creative people get excited when they spot something unique, peculiar, unusual, and bizarre, something that they strive to find for days, weeks or months.

We have realised that you can find it all under one website roof whether it be a purse, a painting, a printed dress, a posh apron, a pretty embroidered bag, this place has it all.

A truly magical place where every click of the mouse, opens cyber doors to hundreds of Aladdin’s caves.

Truly wonderful. Nearly as good our Aladdin’s cave otherwise known as


Tuesday, 22 April 2008



This is our first blog. I am writing this on a bleak, dull, English ' April showers day' and i plan to bring sme sunshine into your life, if not your computer screen.

I think we should start with the popular '7 random things about yourself ' that seems to be floating around at the moment.

1: Ok, here it goes:I am obsessed with enamel things, enamel clocks, enamel paint, enamel pots for cooking with, enamel bread bins. In fact the obsession with enamel bread bins should be in a category of it’s own I feel. I have several.

2: I love dunking my biscuits in coffee and tea, but actually hate coffee and tea as a drink. Eugh!

3: I love chickens, chickens in my garden, chickens on my aprons, chickens on my cups, chickens that are free from battery cages.

4: I adore green and magenta everything- separate together, stripy, patterned, flowers with green stems, odd socks.

5: I collect fabrics, like a child with favourite toys, I collect them like they are going to out of fashion. Corduroy, printed cottons, printed satins, tweed [preferably Harris Tweed], adorable tea towels, children’s clothing samples. I mostly adore things that are printed though.

6: When I’m feeling low or tired I eat a tablespoon of icing sugar.

7: I adore unusual wallpaper, below is the wallpaper from my hallway, i adore it.

So, there are my ‘7 random things ‘please leave a comment in the comment box with yours if your feeling happy.