Thursday, 1 May 2008


Every year the world famous, Hand and Lock have a competition for embroidery.

It is sponsered by some of the most respected people in the textiles/fashion industry.

One of our favourites is the Saville Row tailors, Henry Poole & Co , who create the best bespoke tailoring in the world. [Closely followed by Oswald Boateng, famed for using eye shattering, bold colours]

It is also sponsered my one of my favourite galleries, the V & A.

If you've never been to the V & A, its a must. Please go, you won't regret it. Sadly for me, its been a long while since I have been, but I am desperate to go to the V & A Museum of Childhood. Infact- no! I am desperate to have a month of London museum trips, skipping from one, to the next.

The V & A of childhood, looks like the kind of place where you can enjoy as a family, or as a group of adults keen to reminis about times gone by, and the toys you once [or still] had.

If your applying for the Hand & Lock competition, feel free to leave a message with links to your blog. Im sure we would all like to see your work.

Best of Luck!


Also, just to mention. We now have a very large selection of beads on the website, and sequins will be added this week. The 15g tubs are £1.09 [rrp: £2.90] and the long 15cm tubes are £1.95 (rrp:£2.99)

They are of excellent quality, and you wont be disappointed.

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Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Fantastic... thank you for telling me about this... I will have to take a closer look and see if I can enter something.

Sara xx