Sunday, 27 April 2008

Made with love.

Ric rac has always been a favourite of mine, in my first ever flat i made a kitchen blind with ric rac sewn on it in stripes, kind of like a rainbow or a candy striped dress hanging at the window.

Ric Rac....

I recently came across someone else fond of ric rac. I totally adore this smooth zig zag curvy trimming, in bright colours or metallics. My favourite has to be lime green and purple i think. Although, i'm not really sure why.

I am extremely desperate for the jungle print skirt, i know it would be my favourite skirt ever!!

If i get chance to buy one, i will take a thousand photo's of me wearing it, and put them on here for you all to look at.

The apple print one has to be a close second favourite, i adore the bold print and fabulous cut of the skirt, a classic.

The above picture is another favourite, picked from the vast choice on offer. It is a 'Ribbon print' skirt which is extremely folke-y and like a kitch tapestry you can wear.

If you're wondering where these devine handmade pretties come from they are from:

Enjoy and get shopping!

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