Tuesday, 22 April 2008



This is our first blog. I am writing this on a bleak, dull, English ' April showers day' and i plan to bring sme sunshine into your life, if not your computer screen.

I think we should start with the popular '7 random things about yourself ' that seems to be floating around at the moment.

1: Ok, here it goes:I am obsessed with enamel things, enamel clocks, enamel paint, enamel pots for cooking with, enamel bread bins. In fact the obsession with enamel bread bins should be in a category of it’s own I feel. I have several.

2: I love dunking my biscuits in coffee and tea, but actually hate coffee and tea as a drink. Eugh!

3: I love chickens, chickens in my garden, chickens on my aprons, chickens on my cups, chickens that are free from battery cages.

4: I adore green and magenta everything- separate together, stripy, patterned, flowers with green stems, odd socks.

5: I collect fabrics, like a child with favourite toys, I collect them like they are going to out of fashion. Corduroy, printed cottons, printed satins, tweed [preferably Harris Tweed], adorable tea towels, children’s clothing samples. I mostly adore things that are printed though.

6: When I’m feeling low or tired I eat a tablespoon of icing sugar.

7: I adore unusual wallpaper, below is the wallpaper from my hallway, i adore it.

So, there are my ‘7 random things ‘please leave a comment in the comment box with yours if your feeling happy.

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