Monday, 21 July 2008 News

Hello. It's Robson and Mason here.
We have been away doing our new website the last few weeks, It will be up and running in the next month. The website will still be .

These of a few of our new photo's I do hope you like them.
Some of Robson & Mason's ribbons.
Robson and Mason haberdashery bulk ribbon.
Pretty Pretty pearl pins.
(All photo's are copywrite to Robson & Mason)
A lovely rainbow pallet of zips.


Lace Threads said...

Well, I discovered your site at around 2.30 this morning, and had to make an order immediately! I've now posted the link on a forum I belong to, and everyone is really keen. And now I discover you have a fab new blog! I'm in haberdashery heaven. Thank you for all the appealing pics. I plan to post pics of my goodies as soon as I get my order and rave about you to all!

Elaine said...

Thanks to Lace Threads (above) I found your blog and shop.
She did warn me not to look, but I had too. I'm pleased I did it's lovely.

Love and Blessings

angel said...

Now they are all here, tsk, sheesh are you stalking me you two, hummmm.

Thanks to Lacey i have found you and aint gunna let ya go....... hehe.

Great website and blog.... yippee.